Enchanted Rock

Jul 20, 2022
Have you been?
If you haven’t, you must. There is no place on earth like Enchanted Rock. A 1.1 billion year old mammoth dome
of salmon pink granite embedded with flecks of black mica - an epic and natural wonder in Fredericksburg, TX.

This 225 acre dome of granite reaches, at its highest point, 1825 above sea level. Its above ground base is 425 acres, and beneath the earth... Who can say for sure?

In 1978, Lady Bird Johnson saw that this natural wonder and the land surrounding it became a state park, preserved for countless generations to come. The most highly visited State Park in Texas!

As long as people have come upon this Hill Country marvel, they have had to climb it! To stand in a place so sprawling and gorgeous, effortlessly sets a stage
where even the vast Milky Way falls like a curtain
behind it, draping it in the twilight of night and early morning skies.

Land, legends and lore have blended here for centuries and served as inspiration for countless stories - for journal entries and poetry, superstition and song; for moments in photographs and as an indelible memory
of sheer wonder.

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