About Us

Since 2011 when the premier issue of The Best of Fredericksburg Magazine first made its way into the hands of tourists, things began to change.

Visitors and locals alike were excited to pick up the first full sized color magazine ever printed for tourists in Fredericksburg - and the businesses were, and continue to be proud to be in it.

As the publisher of that first magazine- now on its 24th edition- I am extremely happy and proud, grateful and excited.

Happy to have been the force of change in promoting Fredericksburg, in a well deserved world class format, to our many visitors-

Proud to have ALWAYS had a powerful, determined and talented team.

Grateful that all we worked tirelessly through the years to put out a professional magazine honoring our beautiful hometown of Fredericksburg TX (especially the difficult years like 2020)

And after 12 years, and a decade of posting every single day on Facebook for over a decade….

EXCITED about what is next.

Fredericksburg Texas Store!

Recently our social media platforms reached 5,004,008 people in just 12 months.

We owe that to so many people! Especially all of our authentic followers that have shared our posts with their friends and family members.

When we celebrated our ten years of being in business I wrote that no one is self made.

And I still hold that belief.

Each year passes and a company is built- not on their own- but through the belief of their community, the determination of a team and the ultimately the kindnesses of others.

We hope that you will enjoy this next step in our journey as we continue to do what we do best- to show you the many opportunities and amazing finds in Fredericksburg TX both in our publications and now through our newest online venture Fredericksburg Texas Store.

Here every single day you will find the best of the Best.

So, as they say- Willkommen to Fredericksburg!

We are so glad you stopped by so that we could invite you to join us on this next part of our journey to

SHOP our favorite places

FIND exclusive deals

BOOK the finest B and B’s dinners and tours


DISCOVER everything wonderful there is to enjoy

in one of the sweetest places we know-

Here in Fredericksburg TX.

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