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1894 Ranch to Table

*Reservations are required for groups of 6 or more. 

Delectable Eats

From the pasture to the plate & from the prairie to the palate!


It’s not just a tic on a timeline, but the beginning of a legacy.

Nearly fifty years after the birth of the statehood of Texas, a lone wanderer staked his future along the banks of the Colorado River on the edge of Lampasas County. There, on that sprawling prairie in the heart of the hill country, the inception of the Baxter lineage took root, and for almost thirteen decades, six generations of ranchers have tended the land. The humble beginnings of a small herd of local cattle prepared the way to today, where the Baxter family raises, both naturally and ethically, the highest-quality Angus-Wagyu beef that is grass-fed, silage and brewers’ grain finished; a process that has yielded some of the finest cuts of steak in the great state of Texas.

Here at 1894, each plate tells a story. It’s the narrative of one generation vesting in the next, and a land kissed by the gentle flow of the terracotta-colored-waters of the winding river. With the beginning of one man’s vision, a raw and untrained land has become the canvas for an unfolding masterpiece.

From the pasture to the plate, from the prairie to the palate, Baxter Ranch provides the finest beef tended with generational pride and excellence.
Pairing one of our fine cuts of Angus-Wagyu beef with an array of choices from our craft beers, an aged wine or one of your personal favorites from our on-site distillery here at ArchRay, will provide a unique and exclusive experience as we invite you to become a part of the story of 1894.

It’s a century-old adventure with plenty of stories still to be told.