Evviva El Vino!

Jul 22, 2022
Evviva El Vino!

Watching Fredericksburg’s countryside change is like watching a poem unfold - stanzas of both promise and change. Challenge and triumph.

Once rich with sprawling swaths of farmland dotted with baby goats and Longhorn steer, our countryside now is primarily a swell of vineyards, bursting with promise, roadside, in the rolling Texas Hill Country.

Family farms and ranches are still present - but not many miles pass, especially along the 290 corridor, without the presence of a winery, or tasting room - many of which are nestled in acre upon acre of breathtaking vineyards.

It wasn’t always this way, but here we are… a paradox of vibrant world class destination and small town living.

And though exponential growth has its challenging moments, the days pass quietly and weave into our history. And then fold into a sonnet - a poetic celebration of both our generations of resiliency and residents, the ever changing land we live on, and our new found notoriety of beautiful vineyards and wines.

As Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote- “Wine is bottled poetry”- and indeed it is. And Fredericksburg, TX, is a place to raise a glass to all of the beautiful stages in our history and to the new days of wonder in front of us. Salud!

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