Heavenly Hosts

Jul 24, 2022
To travel is to wrap yourself up in a new place, and to make
and keep new memories. Like new days, new places you travel to, bring new opportunities to learn through your experiences, and to add to your thoughts from that day forward.

These memories are like little postcards in your memory and show the beauty of what you found when you took the chance and decided to travel somewhere new.

Few decisions when traveling  will set the stage like the place that you unpack your suitcase and relax.

What view will you want to see? What place will you wish to stay and how will you want to feel when you finally make it back to your room after a full day of exploring?

Well, at Heavenly Hosts, we can honestly say that our accommodations will be so lovely, right down to the very last detail, that you might come to Fredericksburg just to stay here and never leave the room! And, yes, the homes are that amazing.

We are not only hosts of the most luxurious places to stay, but we are also heavenly hosts to you. Literally, everything we do, we do with you in mind. With making your stay so special that you can no longer imagine why you didn’t visit Fredericksburg even sooner.
When you let us help you find just the right place for your getaway, you will find an adventure in discovering somewhere special from the moment you arrive. You don’t just have a room, you have a beautiful escape for the senses. The little luxurious touches we provide, the buttery soft linens, cozy throws and scented soaps will calm your spirit. The perfectly appointed rooms in calming colors, many with unparalleled views, will not only soothe your senses, it will make you happy you took the time to find a new home away from home. A chance to truly decompress and find the quietness you seek.

So... why not book your stay today and treat yourself to a truly special getaway? Let Heavenly Hosts find the perfect place to be your sanctuary from times of late, a place to rest and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the world anew.

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