Making Wine

Jul 19, 2022
Making wine is a beautiful but arduous process, for healthy vineyards grow and thrive by a set calendar, vines twisting and bursting and lying dormant all according to particular months of the year.
The 12 calendar months dictate the grape growing process, and so, the best time to prune, fertilize protect and harvest at peak times is nearly the same time each year. Hitting the highlights for a typical calendar of a growing season would look like this:
  • April/ May: Bud break- Flowering inflorescence.
  • June: Growth stage. Good weather is crucial, as torrential rains could ruin entire crops.
  • July/ August:  Fruit tipping and veraison when grapes turn from deep red or pale yellow from green.
  • September: Desired sugar and acidity levels peak. Harvest. Labor intensive. Often handpicked and to hopper. Then: Destressing, Pressing, Pumping over Fermentation, Aging, Pre bottling treatments, Bottling.
  • November/December: Leaf fall, Pruning, Fertilizing
  • January/ February: The grapevines don’t have any leaves because it is the only way they can survive lower temps. Each vine requires individual care. New vines are planted at end of February.
  • March: Vines are still dormant.
  • April: Weeds are cleared. Vines are tied up. Decisions are made as to those vines that will grow to produces new shoots and clusters.
Here in Central Texas, winemakers not only plan by that calendar, but also live at the mercy of many outside forces and elements - including the ever fickle Texas weather.

Most recently, that schedule was tested by the fact that, for the first time in history, the entire State of Texas was under a winter storm watch. This past February, an ice storm as vast and wide as the state of Texas brought temperatures as low as 3 degrees, and Central Texas was not spared.

Our winemakers and fruit growers collectively held their breath and did everything humanly possible to see that in April and May bud break would bring good news.... and for the most part we were fortunate.

The pandemic and the weather challenged all of us in epic ways but wine certainly helped some of us get through!

It’s been a year unlike any other in recent history and we think Frank Sinatra said it best when he said:

“I feel sorry for the the people who do not drink because when they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day!”
Agreed! Pass the wine & Cheers!! Agreed! Pass the wine & Cheers!! 

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