Shopping. Out & About!

Jul 26, 2022
“Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.”
Shopping. Out & About!

As we begin to venture outdoors again to shop, it certainly feels as if shopping is all brand new again.

Our favorite pastime of shopping is certainly not something taken lightly, nor for granted, any longer.

If you are ready for such a trip out, then the spectacular sights here in Fredericksburg, TX are certainly a visual treat for our computer weary eyes - and, as any seasoned shopper knows, there is something about getting in the car, going somewhere new and taking in the sunshine, plus the sounds and surroundings of a day spent passionately perusing something new, somewhere new!

The often sunny weather, the smiles we encounter, the textures we can touch, the treat of a perfect window display, all call to us to experience once again the deliciousness of an afternoon away from work, away from our screens and far away from our troubles.

In the shopping mecca of Fredericksburg,Texas - a top ten shopping destination according to USA Today - the colors seem more vivid than usual and every window holds a beautiful story of its own.

Our strength and allure is in the non-franchised, individually owned stores that line our sidewalks - each grander than the last. And each different than any you will find anywhere else.

It’s true- when you walk into a store here you are literally walking into a vision someone created on their own.

Stores like no others. Places to wander and lose the world for a moment.

And with so many different visions and dreams, and so many lovely places to take in, why not plan a day - alone or with a friend - to find a little something to take home?

If you get tired, you can always stop and try on new boots, or enjoy  a glass of our sweet Texas wine.

So, come see us! There is no time like the present to plan a day together. For Fredericksburg, in all it’s decadent shopping splendor, awaits!

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