There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

Jul 27, 2022
“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
I look at food as a language. For food, the way we treat it, buy it, think of it, prepare it, cook, serve and present it is very telling. Food speaks.

It speaks on its own when presented. And more importantly, just  perhaps, it speaks about the person who has prepared it for us. (Yes, even if that person is ourselves).

For when we prepare food and share it with another we are showing love. Love in the ingredients we selected, in the time spent preparing and in the way it was presented. You can find an expression of that love on a beautiful plate by candlelight, in a picnic basket carefully packed and even in the refrigerator waiting with a handwritten note after a long day.
We might have to sit a little farther apart, it is true, but we will still show you what we always have when you come to our table here in Fredericksburg....great food served with an abundance of love.

For years, I have written about gathering - and how important that is, and how food is a commonality we all share. And all of that is true. Now, as our gatherings change and change back, and change again, the whole world shifting weekly, it seems I think it is best to just focus on the food and those who love to prepare it for others. And in as many years as  I have written, I have also come to know the chefs here who have shown their love time and time again.  

For many years I have followed these local chefs. I have done this by following their social media accounts, being a customer, many of these restaurants my children actually consider part of their childhood. (Building a business and raising them left me with little choice - but even so- in selecting the restaurants I did, I was showing love.)

And, in that same time frame, I have watched restaurants build their reputations and hone their skills in the kitchen to near perfection. Some of the restaurants, like Cabernet Grill, have earned top awards with Trip Advisor and Wine Enthusiast Magazine, others have developed such a local following that you are lucky to get a table even if
you live here. Thai Tuesdays at August E's is such
an example. Bella Sera has become a favorite go
to lunch place for countless business people and friends. As a local resident, there are too many examples to list.

And why is that? Because food is a language of community, of comradely, and love. We love food and we love gathering and we love the way gathering with each other makes us feel.

Admittedly, lately especially, the world is on different schedules and is reeling from changes, so many changes, that it is hard to keep up. But we can tell you, here in Fredericksburg, our restaurants are as prepared to comfort you with an amazing meal
as we have ever been.

“Because food is a universal language of community, of comradery, and love.”

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