What is a traveler-at-heart to do?

Apr 11, 2024
“What is a traveler or traveler-at-heart to do?”
What is a traveler or traveler-at-heart to do? Think on that for a moment and the reality of it all. It
is such a simple truth. And the more we work and the less we travel, the more that sinks in.

Indeed, as a seismic shift occurs in our world and our schedules are upended, and so much of our lives are shifted inside our homes with new work and school responsibilities, we find ourselves dreaming of places we once visited- bemoaning places we meant to adventure in, or of daring to dream of traveling to places we never thought we would. Understandable.

This raw and unexpected absence has most certainly made the heart grow fonder for those who are born with wanderlust in their souls. On so many levels.

And, so, what is a traveler, or traveler at heart, to do?

Our hearts certainly could use a little soothing and
our eyes long for new sights and experiences that we can soak up through traveling somewhere that is either comforting and familiar, or brand new to us!
Many of our incomes have been disrupted and our plans to travel to faraway lands are far from sight.

So perhaps, just perhaps, now more than ever the importance of a day trip near home is a beautiful thing to consider.  

Fredericksburg, TX, is central to so many places that we are indeed a stone's throw for many Texans in particular that just need a break! Even with the ground rules and restrictions in place, we still have countless opportunities to discover our sweet town. We invite you to come and stay awhile to explore all that our little town has to offer.

Come and climb Enchanted Rock, let children play at the park, indulge in a shopping trip on our famous Main Street, make reservations for dinner and pick up wine curbside. That way when you return home, you can open a bottle of your favorite wine and pour over the new memories you made here in Fredericksburg, TX.

Not ready to visit but still need to escape? We understand that, too....

If you are still hesitant to get in the car and travel, there is now a podcast series you should listen to. Simply “google” Fredericksburg Texas Podcast and we will introduce you to the most interesting people and phenomenal places we can find! That way, when you feel safe to do so, you will already know where it is you next want to go!

Virtually or otherwise, we invite you to come and get to know the sweet city of Fredericksburg, Texas!

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