When it comes to shopping ...

Jul 8, 2022
When it comes to shopping, we have to say that this quote is right on the money! Our shop owners search high and low, both locally and abroad, to bring you that unique look, that special piece that compliments your personality and reflects your style.

     Galleries, Boutiques, Antique Shops, both on side streets and Main Street, make Fredericksburg, TX a destination for those who wish to bring home something beautifully hand crafted, expertly made, brought across oceans from Europe, or made right here in a local kitchen or shop - one of a kind finds.

     We guarantee you that few places are as incredibly satisfying for a day of shopping than our very own, no franchise allowed, bountiful “Freddie Burg”. So, grab a friend who appreciates fashion and the finer things and come decorate your life by spending a few days delighting in the beauty of our little town.

And we are certain when you do, Fredericksburg, TX will look great on you!

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